Many of us spent a lot of time at home in 2020 and ended up changing our spaces to one that functioned to our new way of living. Home offices, multi-use living spaces and at-home classrooms became the norm and we were forced to look at our homes through a different lens – perhaps one that favoured function over style. The new year may bring us more time at home so let’s take this as opportunity to re-evaluate our space and look into upcoming design trends that could help breathe some new life into our homes again.

Modern Board and Batten Accent Wall

A little wood and paint go a long way. As shiplap makes its way out, board and batten enters the scene. It’s easy to achieve with a few pieces of wood affixed to the wall, coated in a beautiful accent colour. These walls can really tie the room together and give it an elevated elegance. This trend works in any room, from your dining room, to the wall behind your bed, think about giving your walls some texture in 2021.

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Grandmillennial aka Granny Chic

Trends are cyclical – fads you never thought would make a return often do. We’re seeing a new emergence of young adults embracing their grandmother’s old china, classic floral prints and antiques in a modern light. Granny chich involves incorporating traditional detail such as tassels or pincushion, often in a monochromatic tone. Earthy colour pallets and neutral tones are big in this style. The aim is timeless, not antiquated. This is far from the Ikea style that’s been dominating.

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Earth Tones

Earth toned colours are a big trend in interior design color schemes in 2020, and entering 2021 that’s not going anywhere. They are versatile and work well with materials like wood, metal, and stone. From terracotta to sienna, nudes to beige, these natural earthy colours pair really well with other trending colours such as mustard yellow, mossy green and chocolate browns. We love them in the living room and bedroom, especially.

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Hidden Hardware

Less is more when it comes to hardware in 2021. Clean lines give off a minimalist and seamless look that is to be desired. Push style cupboards, or integrated handles where you pull on a beveled edge are new modern solutions for kitchen and bathroom cabinets.


Industrial Style

Industrial style is not completely new; however, we are seeing more and more of this look emerging in interior design trends in 2021. It refers to the aesthetic inspired by factories and industrial space, often seen in converted lofts. Raw materials such as weathered wood, exposed pipes/building systems, brick and concrete are often used to achieve this industrial-chic look. Dark and neutral colour palettes often accompany this style.

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House Plants

Since we spent a large amount of time at home in 2020, our desire for the outdoors grew as we looked to adding more natural elements to our homes by bringing the outside in. Incorporating plants and greenery into your décor has many benefits, one of them being air purification! Luckily for those who live in homes that don’t have much natural light, there are plenty of plants that thrive in low-light scenarios…so you don’t need to skip on this trend as it continues to grow in 2021.

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