It may be tempting to crank the AC on hot summer days, but there are plenty of other ways to shield your home from the heat while keeping your hydro bill reasonable.

  1. Install solar shades
    Solar screen fabric is available in a variety of colours and can be beneficial for a few reasons. They help with heat control, offer UV protection, manage light coming in, and can even help with glare. They’re also designed with special woven fabric that won’t obstruct your view.
  2. Avoid using the stove
    Having your stove on during a particularly hot day can bring a lot of unwanted heat into your home. Consider using your BBQ, Instapot or crockpot instead to help minimize the heat.
  3. Consider adding natural outdoor shade
    Landscaping your property with trees can provide natural shade for your home by providing shade on your home. Climbing vines also have a similar effect by providing shade and insulation to the exterior walls of your home. Tip – plant your vines on a south or west facing wall
  4. Install a ceiling fan
    Ceiling fans are energy efficient. Over the course of a year, running a ceiling fan non-stop would only cost you less than $20. Using a ceiling fan with 3-4 blades is optimal and choose one with angled blades (approx. 15 degrees) to move the air around better.
  5. Keep your lights off
    Incandescent lightbulbs produce quite a bit of heat. Consider switching to LED bulbs which produce far less heat or keep your lights off during peak hours.
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