In the wake of COVID-19, we’ll all be inevitably spending more time at home this summer. What better time than now to give your patio space an overhaul!

Show your outdoor space some love with these 8 great tips:

1. Creative lighting

A properly lit patio is key for enjoying summer nights after the sun goes down. Whether you add a portable fire pit, or trendy string lights, a pop of lighting can help you make the most of your space late into the night.

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2. It’s all in the details

Add some accessories to your patio! This could be as simple as adding an outdoor tray to your table, hanging lanterns or adding wall art. Choose a theme to tie the elements together, like this boho-chic motif patio pictured below.

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3. Add some greenery

Whether you hang floral baskets, or place some container plants around your space, greenery can make a huge difference for a reasonable cost. Try and select plants that work with your space – some flowers tolerate shade better than others. An added bonus – the beautiful fragrance they can bring to your patio space.

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4. Outdoor rugs

Weatherproof rugs have become increasingly popular, and rightfully so. They’re perfect for breaking up the space, much like a living room rug. They’re also really easy to clean – you can just hose them down when they get dirty.

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5. A pop of colour

Choose one of two colours to repeatedly use throughout to accent your neutral colours. From your pillows, to your umbrella, a coordinated look can really unify your space. Check out the beautiful pops of green in the patio setup below:

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6. Shade

Umbrella’s don’t have to be the only shade option. A sail shade makes a perfect sun blocker and can be made at home relatively cheap with some old fabric, grommets and string. They also look really sleek and modern. Have a pergola? Consider adding some curtains to shade in the area.

Check out this DIY sail shade tutorial by the House Tweaking blog:

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7. Storage bench

A storage box can be a great addition to your patio as it’s practical for a few reasons. It’s perfect for rainy days when you need to quickly store away your outdoor pillows and chair cushions, and it can also double as extra seating for those times when you have a lot of guests over.

Check out this tutorial for an awesome looking DIY outdoor storage bench, by Our Handcrafted Life blog

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8. Add a swing or hammock

Fun, and aesthetically pleasing, a swing or hammock can make an excellent addition to your patio space. Cozy up with a book, or catch some rays, you’ll be sure to get a lot of use out of it, and maybe even spend more time outdoors!

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